Friday, May 20, 2011

More Southern Chivalry

More from Cincinnati Daily Press, from December 26, 1860.

More Southern ChivalryWoman Driven from New Orleans – The Cleveland Leader says Miss Lucelie Sexton, a graduate from the Homeopathic College of that city, and a lady esteemed by all who knew her, arrived from New Orleans last Monday, having been driven out of that city and State by the Vigilance Committee, She had been a resident of New Orleans for several years, and had acquired a lucrative practice. The charge against her was that she had once been associated with another lady at Cleveland in the publication of the Agitator, a paper of anti-slavery sentiment. She applied to the police of New Orleans for protection, and was told that her only safety lay in getting out of the city as soon as possible. What a delightfully free country this is !

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